The chromatic research

Although functionality is the central value of an instrument, when talking about style and technology one cannot overlook the importance of colour. The capacity to distinguish, individualize, follow and identify an object, its properties and the function for which it has been designed, are just some of the requirements of the system of perception, necessary to enable an adequate behavioural control.
The new collection, Match 3, expresses itself with a defined and unmistakeable style, a union created between shape and colour, a constant quest for perfection that one notices through the discreet but decisive details. An example is the new Spencer logo engraved on the median part of the blade or, the large, centrally positioned stainless steel screw.
Small outlines, geometric lines and marked profiles are the principal traits of the new model of multi-purpose scissors which are now available. The chromatic research concentrates on the use of exclusive coloration for the PVC and polished chrome.